Statewide and standing strong

Working deep in the heart of Greater Boston our commitment stretches west to Springfield, Holyoke and Worcester, north to Essex County, and south to Brockton, New Bedford and Fall River.

What unites us is our aspiration to develop prophetic local power organizations that are vibrant and people-centered; multi-faith and values-rooted; multi-racial and racially-just; and capable of shaping decisions and narratives affecting our families and communities at the local, state and national levels. Together we nurture a collaborative statewide network that is deeply co-owned and co-governed by its grassroots members through a shared vision of prophetic power and mutual accountability. By prophetic power we mean a force that is clear-eyed, bold, world-changing, and deeply rooted in our shared moral foundation. Our work takes us to the State House on Beacon Hill to share our testimony, to city halls to raise our voices and all points in between where we are called to work for equity and justice.

We partner on issues of national concern with Faith In Action.


  • Passing Earned Sick Time*
    in 2014 - 900,000 low wage workers won 5 sick days per year

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage*
    in 2014 - 550,000 low wage earners saw their wages increase from $8 to $11/hour

  • Passing Criminal Justice Reform Law**
    in 2018 - estimated 100,000 people are on probation or parole or weren’t even sent to prison because of this bill

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage*
    in 2018 - 974,000 low wage earners will see their wages increase from $11 to $15/hour between 2019-2022

  • Passing Family Medical Leave Law*
    in 2018 - this law will be implemented in January 2021 and could impact an estimated 6 million people or an estimated 90% of the people in the state who are eligible or their family members

    * in partnership with Raise Up Massachusetts
    ** in partnership with Jobs NOT Jails